My wife met Ediana at a food bank parking lot. She came to our home to discuss all the plans that Social Security had to offer or pick from. She helped my wife pick the best medical plan and insurance co., as a second insurance. Ediana called a talked to our doctors, got the information that would help us the most. She helped me with Humana the best insurance that wold give me the best medical treatment for my illness, at the lowest monthly premium price and cost for me.

She also helped my wife with UnitedHealthcare®. My wife is very happy with this plan. They called my wife to make sure that everything was right, than they came out to the house to make sure that she was well, taken care of.

Ediana is always there for when we have a question or need to talk to het. We are grateful and thankful for having Ediana in our life .  

- Betty and Ray R., Pennsauken, NJ

 I had the pleasure to meet Ediana through one of the CNA of Atlantic County meetings earlier last year. Ediana reached out to meet about the services her company, Essential Senior Benefits offered and I brought her for an informational session to my group of volunteers, the Gateway CAP Foster Grandparent Program. Every month we have meetings with our volunteers and aim to bring in resources in their community that will better their quality of life. Ediana and her team were the perfect match to our goal, not only do they offer the same services to Spanish-speaking seniors but we share the same passion for an equitable and healthy living for our senior population. Essential Senior Benefits truly goes above and beyond to help seniors with the assistance they provide and also refer and assist them in other services they may be eligible for. Most of the seniors in our program live on a small fixed income and Ediana has allowed them to have more disposable income each month with her help. After speaking personally to Ediana, it was fascinating to see that we both share common goals, a love for our community and helping the most vulnerable and in need. Many of my volunteers have benefitted from the resources that ESB has provided and they have returned to me with gratitude, and most importantly, with trust in a service that is actually there to help them and not ‘take away’ from them. I will always continue to recommend Essential Senior Benefits to my volunteers and personal friends after the wonderful experiences I have witnessed.  
- Natalia U., Lead Program Director for Gateway CAP Foster Grandparent Program

 Tuve el placer de conocer a Ediana a través de una de las reuniones de CNA del condado de Atlantic a principios del año pasado. Ediana me contacto para compartir los servicios que ofrecía su empresa, Essential Senior Benefits, y la invite a una sesión informativa para mi grupo de voluntarios, el programa de abuelos adoptivos de Gateway CAP. Todos los meses tenemos reuniones con nuestros voluntarios y nuestro objetivo es traer recursos en su comunidad que mejoren su calidad de vida. Ediana y su equipo fueron la combinación perfecta para nuestro objetivo, no solo ofrecen los mismos servicios a las personas mayores de habla hispana, sino que compartimos la misma pasión por una vida equitativa y saludable para nuestra población de personas mayores. Essential Senior Benefits realmente va más allá para ayudar a las personas mayores con la asistencia que brindan y también para recomendarlos y ayudarlos en otros servicios para los que pueden ser elegibles. La mayoría de las personas mayores en nuestro programa viven con un ingreso fijo pequeño y Ediana les ha permitido tener más ingresos disponibles cada mes con su ayuda. Después de hablar personalmente con Ediana, fue fascinante ver que ambas compartimos objetivos comunes, el amor por nuestra comunidad y ayudar a los más vulnerables y necesitados. Muchos de mis voluntarios se han beneficiado de los recursos que ESB ha brindado y han regresado a mí con gratitud y, lo más importante, con confianza en un servicio que realmente está ahí para ayudarlos y no para 'quitarles'. Siempre continuaré recomendando a Essential Senior Benefits a mis voluntarios y amigos personales después de las maravillosas experiencias que he presenciado.  
- Natalia U., Director Principal del Programa de Abuelos Adoptivos de Gateway CAP